Monday, August 10, 2009

Tax Credit Extension????

There's been a lot of rumors out about the possibility of the government extending the first time homebuyer tax credit past the Nov. 30th deadline or that they could upgrade it to a $15,000 credit to all home buyers (not just 1st timers). The latter is getting the most support from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) because they feel this will stimulate the housing market more than anything else. The date that keeps surfacing in articles that I've read is to extend it to July 1, 2010. I'll keep you posted on any updates, but just remember if you're a first time homebuyer waiting past the Nov. 30th date could be a gamble because there is still a lot of debate plus the fact that it could cost the government (or should I say the taxpayers) another $32 billion. Any questions or comments leave them below or you can give me a call (937-423-3316), email (, visit my website, or better yet attend one of the first time homebuyer classes coming up (see previous posts for more).

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